i am really enjoying the great work you do with the Blueflag campaign. Its my favorite MP sever since there is not so much compareable running on DCS. A perfect plattform for disziplinated pilots and enthusiasts. Now that i discover my love to the SU25-A i find out that this plane is pretty ignored on the PG map and very rare distributed on the C map. That was a tuff thing for me as i really like the challenge with that cold war bird with its very simplified systems. Yes its a challenge and i understand that not so much people like it as its very complicated in attacks compared to the T version. Nevertheless its a part of the simulator and i please you to spread it more frequently on the caucasus map and please also provide it on the PG map as its not even existing there. For example: there is no A version to choose in the south of the Caucasus map and i have such a hard time to manage my flights far up from the north. Stop over for refuel is nessecary which extremly extended my flight times to target and brings a lot of risks too. there is no need to set up a complete group or so, just one or two like it is in the north would be perfect. As for now it looks like i am the only one flyn this bird, so i dont put a lot of hope in my question. But i also observed that there are enough slots left from the su25-t's to share one for my Su25-A.
Thanks a lot for your time you read this and for your effort to run this great servers.