Hi everyone.
This is my first post over here so…Hi, its nice to be here :)

I just wanted to clear things out with A-10A POD.
Yes, A-10A has pod but its only LST, that means it can ONLY DETECT a laser from other aircraft (eg A-10C or AV-8 if equipped). Catch over here is that laser code for that has to be set on 1113 on TGP platform.
When TGT is lased, on the HUD of A-10A shows up a nice "dimond" (laser spot) and that spot can be strafed, bombed or missiled :p
So with a little of invention A-10A can work as a "bomb truck" for A-10C or AV-8....

So common statement on in-game chat "you can not use laser on A-10A" is pure BullShit and lack on knowlege.