Fellow Jumpin' Bean drivers; grab yourself a hot chocolate and pull up a log to the edge of the fire-pit. Deliberate mistakes were made so greenbacks can learn from the professionals, at least that's what I'm writing in the report.

Be sure to secure ones canopy early-on, (ideally before the APU and main engine are spun up) not just to save oneself from tinnitus; but the CE really frowns upon impromptu field conversions to convertible upon exceeding 40 kts, do this too many times and your oppos will start writing your postal-code on every panel of your crate to aid in their return, in the event more parts fall off.

Leaving the throttle idle-stop gate open makes for a thrilling time for the pilot and those wishing to make use of the airstrip on landing, when pulling back the power at flare and all that noise behind you ceases, you come to a leisurely crawl and nothing can be heard except birds singing.... and ones thoughts about how to explain dead-sticking off the active runway to the choff.

Hope this may be of help, or amusement and remember; keep your biscuits chocolate side up and don't dunk them for too long.

Ou phrontis, ouPhrontis.