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Saying Hello & looking for some squad/friends to play

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Blue Side Pilots
First of all:


Now, to the point.

I got bored with playing SP and tried to play a little in MultiPlayer, but after couple of days playing without any radio comunication (why non-one is using TeamSpeak) I got tired of playing MultiPlayer, but actually playing SinglePlayer on remote server...

So, I'm looking for some team/squad to practice with and fly along (and syncronise it with some others).

About me & my skills.
I've played Falcon 4.0 a lot. Really, a lot. Read whole manual (I still have it on my bookshelf) so I know a lot about flight theory and how systems do work (on F-16, but most of it is general).

Now I play mainly A-10C on DCS. I've finished campaign for it.
I know how to:
  1. Start it (but hell yeah, i hate to do it, win+home makes the day)
  2. Take off/Land (ILS, Visual, one engine, one wing, and all sort of fucked up situations)
  3. Drop bombs (guide/unguided) - but I'm in favor of CCRP than CCIP.
    [*} Use Mavericks
  4. Use gun:P
  5. Run away from SAM's (most of the time) & attack them using ground as cover
So I think I know most of the stuff I need to proceed with mission.

I can't
  • Use SimpleRadio - I mean, i got it, but I never found a server with anyone except me so I'm not sure it really works.

Right now I'm working on:
  1. F-15 - A lot is familiar with F-16, I just need to learn the enemy capabilities and tactics.
  2. Ka-50 - I've played it a long time ago, want to go back to it. But now I'm at 0 level.

I would like be able to do both CAS, CAP and Heli stuff in some time.

If there's a squad or someone willing to fly with me multiplayer (on BlueFlag or other server) then I would be more than happy to join:)

What I have:
DCS 1.5 * DCS 2.0 (Nevada, a-10c, p-51d,f-15, su-27)
I have ka-50 somewhere, need to find a box and add it to DCS, or I will buy other heli.
Decent PC
Joystick:P But, not hotas...
Posted Sep 13, 17 · OP
Red Side Pilots

Just an FYI, it's been a bit slow around these parts since a DCS update broke servers, especially BF.

Check out the different Facebook groups - search for DCS and Digital Combat Simulator, or DCS Multiplayer. That should get you started and all sorts of groups will be suggested from there.
Posted Sep 15, 17