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SierraThree   created a new thread Frequencies in the Operation "Blue Flag" forum
insitig   created a new thread Operation with R-77, R-27ET/ER, AIM-120 in the Operation "Blue Flag" forum
Nexus   created a new thread Change to blue please in the Operation "Blue Flag" forum
SirOskar1.So war is over, how long until the next launch ?
Wanna keep flying and buddyspike is the only reason I do DCS.
2.Will we see the the carrier spawn fixed next round ?
3.Thought about making the Carrier indestructible (super annoying to repair it all the time) ?
4. Will we see TACAN information being displayed for tankers, carriers and bases ?
5. Will the Airfields on the DCS - Map get fixed ? (missing 90% of all base icons where you can find ILS freqs, TCN, RWY etc.)
6. Is it possible to do location icons for farps ?
VRPilotHi, BlueFlag PG: Tunb AB, small or big Island?
Dedde   both :)
373vFS_greg   published Buddyspike Newsletter June 2018 on News
hitch   created a new thread Bug Parkposition Vody in the Operation "Blue Flag" forum
rottielover   created a new thread My first experiences in the GCI slot in the Operation "Blue Flag" forum
Omen17I cant Connect. the server doesn't appear and direct IP connect says Server Offline. ive tried port forwarding and fire wall exceptions. What should i do next?
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