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OPPOTATO   created a new thread not allowed missiles in the Buddy Spike Forum forum
K4nnixWe have a cheater on the server.. killing everybody at the same time and blowing up whole bases.. please sort this shit out ASAP.. its weekend, server almost full
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Tackleberry   Yeah Blows up the whole map, got like 12-20 own deaths after a few seconds, the Points is; Sadly no fun to Play on your Server actually, that really sad :-(
Tackleberry   Name was Maverick and then Han Solo or Hans Solo idk xctl
Doolz   Report it on the Discord channel - you will get a quicker response!
373vFS_greg   published Buddyspike Newsletter May 2018 on News
balnazarrDo Steam DCS users need to download something to be able to connect to BlueFlag Server? When using connect by IP: [link], it says that server is down?! Anyone had similar issues with DCS Steam?
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balnazarr   Do we need to manually update to 2.5.1 Open Beta? Some Steam instructions would be appreciated
balnazarr   Fixed it: apparently it's only available on [link] , I'm not sure where to get the steam 2.5.1 Beta
373vFS_greg   published Operation "Blue Flag" is growing! on News
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373vFS_greg   published New official "Blue Flag" Promo Video contest! on News
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neor   created a new thread Can't find the Server. in the Operation "Blue Flag" forum
BootlegIs anyone having trouble seeing the server? I was able to see it a couple days ago but can't see it at all today.
Mars   You are most likely on the wrong version of DCS. The server is running 2.5.1 Beta - if you update to that you should see it again.
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